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As you may know i have not been in contact with you very much this year. The reason for this is I have been moving through deep transformation all year. I and many others who are in the divine timing with the completion of our Ascension journey at this time have all been going through deep transformation in stages all year that really started kicking up this past January. There is so much I want to share about all of this and more so stay tuned for more blog posts, Youtube videos I will be sharing online and more coming soon. I have to get all of this content into a format where I can explain all of this to you in a way that will make sense and you will be able to understand. The big thing to keep in mind is change is constant, healing and doing our inner work is unavoidable now and incredibly necessary in order to shift our reality from pain and suffering to constant joy and abundance. I have been on my journey for about 12 years and I was one of the first to complete our process now during this great shift on planet earth at this time. Being one of the first was so I could play my role to help all those who are following behind me so you can get to your point of completion and ascend into your new reality of joy and abundance and truly recreate a new life that fully supports your soul on all levels of your being. It is work and commitment every step of the way. Many folks I talk to these days do not understand a lot of what I am talking about so bare with me because I will be starting to explain more of this and what humanity and planet earth is really going through and how God is guiding this great change on earth for the highest good of all. Remember, keep moving toward the light & stay centered in your heart-mind. This is the key to this whole process. Yes, your heart has it's own mind that is separate from the mind in your head. One is linked to ego and the other is linked to your heart. It's time to be centered fully in our hearts. Listen to our heart. Trust your heart. Also, we hear God through our heart. It's so important to heal your heart so trust your process and keep healing because it's a process you need to keep going with so you can get to the good stuff. More on this coming soon. Love & Light!

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