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Hours of Operation:
Sunday - Closed
Monday Through Thursday - Noon to 7PM
Friday & Saturday - 11AM to 6PM

(By appointment only or call ahead to schedule a time to stop by our shop / wellness center.)

Currently Jessica is the only one managing the business. In order to ensure she is available to you and not with a client when you come in then it is best to call ahead before stopping by.

Call: 603-617-5040

Thank you for your understanding. This might be changing in the new year. Our goal is to hire employees and bring on more help to run the business as it is growing.

About Jessica Wrobel
Master Healer, High Priestess, Alchemist, Peace Ambassador, Christed Child of God

Jessica has worked with natural medicine since she was 8 years old. She has worked and trained under holistic doctors over the years, and since 2010 has dedicated herself to developing as an energy healer and beyond. Since 2013 Jessica has been passionately immersed in her work with learning everything she can about essential oils, how to work with them and training to work with the company products of doTERRA. She spent 4 years traveling the country which included Arizona and lots of time spent in Sedona focusing on her own personal and spiritual growth where she has grown exponentially and continues to. She is dedicated to her work. She has obtained enormous amounts of wisdom through every place she has been, every lesson, obstacle she’s been faced with, and opportunity she has been given. From everywhere she has been  she’s learned valuable lessons and passionately shares what she has accrued from her life experiences and uses it all to help others  who seek to rediscover and reconnect with more of their own spiritual joy, find peace, and heal on all levels.

Jessica's gifts: Intuitive, Clair-empathy (clear feeling with emotions), Clairsentience (clear feeling with body), Claircognizance (clear knowing), Clairvoyance (the art of clear seeing). She also has the tools within her of a Medium. Jessica is a gifted energy reader as well. Her gifts are utilized in her healing work with her clients.

This center is designed to be a One-Stop Shop for your natural wellness needs; dedicated to Mental, Emotional, Physical & Spiritual healing support,  personal growth, spiritual development, and energetic protection need.

A Quick Reference Guide on how Jessica can help:

  • Certified Aromatouch Technique

  • Certified Ho'oponopono Practitioner

  • Certified Reiki II

  • Certified Incense Crafter

  • Certified Ordained Minister

  • Natural Born Healer

  • Master Energy Healer

  • Intuitive

  • Training Programs & Classes

  • Entity Removals

  • Chakra Healing

  • Sound Therapy

  • Aromatherapy

  • AromaTouch Technique 

  • Spiritual Healing

  • Wellness Consults

  • Spiritually-based Counseling

  • Crystal Healer

  • Animal Healing

  • Energy Reader

  • Generational Healing

  • Karmic Work

  • Spiritual Development

  • Community Support / Events

  • Energy Protection

  • Cord Removals

  • Natural Wellness Support

  • CBD, Essential Oil, & Bach Flower Wellness Support

  • Spiritual Tuning Tools for your support

  • Hand-Crafted Wellness Products

  • Heart Healer

  • Root work

  • Ascension Work / Support

  • Portals - Closing

  • Soul Retrieval Work (Coming Soon)

  • and more...This list is forever growing.

About Max

Max joined the EWFL team in the early half of 2020. It began when Jessica started feeling her intuitive guidance telling her it was time to bring a dog into her life and she started feeling strongly that she was supposed to get a dog. The guidance she continued to receive was telling her what breed to look for, that it would be a male dog, and most importantly she was being guided to look in the shelters for this dog. After a big search she finally did find Max and he was a 5 1/2 hour drive away from her located in New Jersey. Max was picked up off the streets by the shelters and his history was unknown but Jessica got the confirmations that he was the dog she was meant to bring into her life and who was meant to be a part of her wellness center. Max endured heavy abuse in his prior life in New Jersey and Jessica has been woking to rehabilitate Max and help him to heal from his past traumas. She has worked very hard to build a team to help support Max's needs along side the work she has been doing to help him to heal and come back to his true natured self.

Max started showing Jessica very early on that he was there to help her with her clients. In the beginning she didn't understand him and thought he was being a bad boy but over time she began to learn to understand what he would tell her as dogs have their own language. As they continued to work together the communication began to bridge and trust began to build between them. She started seeing how Max was helping her to see things she couldn't see without his help. Animals have abilities many humans do not. Animals are gifted beyond words intuitively and truly are here to help humans. Max is a healer as well and he also helps to protect Jessica.  

Max offers his assistance in wellness consultations, energy healing sessions, spiritually based counseling sessions and beyond. He knows when his assistance is needed and he knows what his job is in each moment. He tells Jessica what she need him to tell me in each moment. He detects what her clients need and helps to inform Jessica of things that she hasn't yet picked up on. The list goes on. Max gives her clients messages too and those who are highly open to receive Max's telepathic communication get his messages directly. Max is a heart healer just like Jessica. He quickly became her partner and Jessica received clear messages from spirit telling her that Max is an asset and is her partner now. All the hard work she has been doing to help Max to heal and rehabilitate from the abuse that was done to him is more than paying off. Max is so grateful for what Jessica has done to help him that this is why he wants to help and give back so much by assisting her and helping her clients through the healing work she does with her clients. Max is brilliant, incredibly smart, loving, bold, and he always knows what is going on. He doesn't miss a thing and is always on point with the help he offers. Meanwhile, Jessica is still helping Max to further his own healing process and continually making more and more progress. 

If you would like to know more about Max and Jessica's ongoing and progressive journey together including the miracles that have occurred on their journey together click on her Blog Page where she posts stories and updates about their journey together as new events unfold. 

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