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December 4th Total Solar Eclipse New Moon

December 4th, 2021 marks the last eclipse of the year and the end of a cycle we have been in since June 2020. This also comes only two weeks after the longest partial eclipse we have had in over 500 years that fell on a full moon. The full moon helps us to release and let go of what no longer serves our highest good. The new moon helps us to manifest our wishes and to bring forth our dreams into reality. So, every month we have an opportunity to do a deeper release with the full moon to clear away what will block us from manifesting our souls highest potential and an opportunity to manifest more deeply what we are desiring in our life after we release more of what holds us back through the full/new moons phases. So, with the usual full moon and new moon we normally have every month, now combine that with a partial solar eclipse full moon two weeks ago followed right up with a total solar eclipse new moon two weeks later on December 4th. Thats a back to back punch one two to get us moving forward and ready for lift-off with great power to say the least!

Eclipses deal in shadow work. They help us through shining light more deeply into the shadows of our soul and illuminating the areas within us that are ready to be released and resolved so we can clear more darkness from our soul and anchor in more light into our bodies. This work helps us to rise up in our vibration aka Ascend. This is Ascension. We are all moving through our Ascension process and we are all at different points on our path with the work we are doing individually within our selves while also working together collectively in certain areas as well.

December 4th Total Solar Eclipse will be moving directly over Antartica. But, will be visible to those who live in southernmost South America, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. Nonetheless, we will all still feel the energy of this eclipse regardless to where we are located during this time. This eclipse is #13 of 70 in this series and the 4th and final eclipse of 2021. It is occurring at the moons descending node in Sagittarius for the final time to complete this cycle which deals in karmic release both personally and collectively. In this cycle we were given the opportunity to purge and release all old and outdated stories we have still been carrying within us that connect to the shadow side of Sagittarius. While also Gemini has been in the north node of the moon bringing us information. We have been receiving lots of information over this past year and opening us up to a much bigger more expansive level of awareness both personally and collectively. So, this December 4th eclipse is the final release of this cycle of all stories and old patterns that no longer serve us while affirming what it is our heart truly wants to bring forward and manifest into your life going forward on this new moon and going forward into 2022 and beyond. We are making a choice at this time as to what path we are choosing to stay on and what karmic paths we are releasing. If we haven't done our work in releasing and letting go there is the chance we will continue on our karmic path in the years to come while others will shift into a new trajectory and have new opportunities and doors that will open to them. Remember, this is all opportunity and we have the choice to do our work and evolve or not. This is the path to transformation. We are releasing the darkness, the old, and outdated and moving into the new and innovative! We can not change what is outside of us. We can only change what is inside of us. But, through this process everything outside of us changes as a direct result and for the better forever. It's called NEW EARTH.

Happy Total Solar Eclipse New Moon in Sagittarius as we prepare to close out this very eventful year and get ready to usher in a new year filled with new potential! Get ready to lift off if you have been allowing yourself to rise-up!

Live In Your Light,

Jessica Wrobel, Master Healer

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