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Happy Full Moon Ascension!

Hello My friend and Happy Full Moon Ascension to you!

Are you curious about how to get the most out of this Full Moon energy to help you to release what no longer serves you, heal something, and grow a bit more? Full moons support us in releasing and letting go. In order to create and bring in more of what we want, we must dig deep and see what we are continuing to carry forward in our energy, thoughts, and beliefs that do not support our highest good and let it go one by one or by the ton. Remember this is a process that supports what you are ready to do in a way that you can embrace at your pace.

For years I have incorporated a spiritually learned practice that has helped me to up-level in myself every month, heal, and grow by harnessing the powerful energies of the full moon.

One way I will show you is simple. Grab a notebook or paper and a pen. Find a quiet place to sit in silence and in solitude. It can be in your home or out in nature under the bright lit sky of the full moon. In fact basking directly under the bright light of the full moon energy will have enormous benefits. I will talk about this next.

So, find that place you would like to commune in. I like to light a white candle to call in my angels and guides (white light) and burn some sage or palo santo to clear all negative energies out of my space and only bring in my highest good to support my intentions. I will then utilize my pen and paper and write down everything I want to release now under this full moon. I will list everything I wish to release and let go of here and now so I don't carry it forward with me anymore or continue to recreate it in my life. Therefor, helping so I can continue to create something new and better for myself but in order to create something new and better we have to clear out and release what will block the energy flow of the new and more deeply desired creation from emerging and taking flight.

Make a list. Take your time. Go deep within and call forward everything your soul wants you to release. Ask your higher self to make you consciously aware of everything you are ready to release now and fully at this time. Go ahead and write down everything as it comes to you and don't stop writing until the natural flow of information is complete.

Now in a safe way and contained in a fire proof bowl with dirt and or salt filling the bottom of the bowl to prevent a fire, light the paper in this bowl and burn it to ash with intention see all of it going up to source, spirit, white light, god, angels, guides, heaven, etc (whatever you believe or work with) to be taken away from you all that you are intending to release from your being and see it being transmuted into love and light as its smoke travels up towards the sky.

Now on a new piece of paper I want you to write down everything you wish to replace with all that you just cleared away with something new and more aligned with your light, your heart, and your passions.

Once you have finished this step, fold the paper and keep it in your wallet, your purse, or next to your bed on your nightstand and read it and look at it daily. Focus on these new desires each day going forward so you can manifest and call it forth into your existence.

Now, as for spending time outside under the full moon - this is a wonderful idea! The full moon will clear and recharge you. If you felt cluttered or bogged down the full moon energy will clear it away and leave you feeling sharp, focused, and charged into action. A full moon hike, meditation, walk, or sitting by a campfire (you get the idea) are all great ideas and ways to bask under the full moon energy directly. Make great use of her energy while it is here and she will help you to make great strides.

Happy Full Moon Ascension!

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