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Happy New Moon / Chinese New Year February 1, 2022!!

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Wow, what a powerful start to the Chinese New Year, the year of the water Tiger as we begin with a New Moon to kick it off! January 2022 was a slow moving month for all of us. We had Venus in retrograde since December 2021 and Venus governs relationships and love. You may have found that you were reviewing some of the relationships in your life during January and / or letting go of some relationships at this time if they were proving to not be in true alignment with you and your true authentic self at this time. Retrogrades give us time to slow down and review things in our life. Maybe we need to revise something or maybe we need to stop and evaluate if it is truly serving us and supporting us and who we are and the direction we are moving in. We need to ask ourselves is this something to let go of now at this time? Will it block our flow of progress as we go forward or will it support our progress going forward. Is it in our highest good? We must get all areas of our life into balance and Venus means we are working on things in the area of our relationships. So, as we move into February 2022 Venus is no longer in retrograde and this means many new relationships have the potential to unfold, new love included! Just in time for Valentines Day this month. Venus just might spark up a new romance in your life if this is your time. If you have been waiting and you have been doing your internal work to be fully balanced and ready for the relationship that you have been asking for this could be the time now when the Universe is going to bring it to you. Remember the Universe asks us to let go of what no longer is in alignment with our highest good / authentic self first in order to bring into our life what is. We are doing continuous work internally to release and let go of what no longer serves us and that involves a lot of aspects so we can be a matching vibration to what we want and are asking for so we can attract it to us in divine timing.

Mercury has also been retrograde through the second half of January and will no longer be in retrograde on February 4th! We never want to begin new ventures, sign new contracts or make big purchases during Mercury Retrograde. So you can see that through the month of January we have really been feeling like things have been on hold. Its okay though! January has been a time for going within, getting clear on what we truly want, working with Spirit to gain clarity on how to go forward, reviewing things and figuring out what are we keeping and what are we letting go of from 2021 so we don't bring forward the stuff that isn't going to serve us into 2022 and beyond. January was a continuation of 2021. What did you notice that came up for you in January and what patterns did you feel were repeating themselves in January that you experienced throughout 2021? We are all being supported on all levels to level up so we can go forward into these new beginnings and receive huge blessings and new possibilities in 2022. This will happen for those who have done their internal growth work, fully healed, and therefor are ready to advance. This is divine timing for those who have fully healed and mastered the work we have been guided to work through.

So, on this February 1, 2022 make sure you sit and speak your intentions on this day to the universe and use your full moon rituals to reaffirm what it is you are asking for to come forth to you now and throughout 2022 and beyond to become a reality in your life. Be sure to harness this New Moon energy now as we get ready to begin this Chinese New Year, as we begin this new cycle of new beginnings, and as things start to pick up now for us in February because that is the energy of February. Things are going to start moving this month and that is exciting for all of us! Trust and have faith in divine timing and trust that all the work you are doing within yourself is in-fact bringing you closer to the life you want to have for yourself. We can not make it happen any faster then it is ready to be but we can ensure we will get to where we want to be by continuing to work on the areas of ourself that we are being shown need work through direction given to us by the Universe and through continually manifesting and setting our intentions, visualizing, speaking and seeing ourselves as living the dream and already achieving it. The Universe will continue to show us what we need to do to get there step-by-step and guide us to what we are asking for. We simply just need to keep stepping with faith and trust.

Happy New Moon Blessings and Happy Chinese New Year to you on this beautiful February 1st, 2022! Now, continue to hold optimism, joy, and trust that you are right where you are supposed to be at this moment in your life. Embrace this and go forth expecting great things for you and everyone around you throughout 2022 and beyond!

The 2022 New Year Energy Begins on February 1, 2022. Prosperity and abundance will be a part of the energy flow of this year. Do you have any energy blocks at this time that would prevent you from receiving all the prosperity the universe wants to bring to you this year? Are you able to receive as well as give with ease? Are you ready to manifest more prosperity? Are you bringing the energy into your home or business and sending the message to the universe in a clear way that you are asking for more prosperity? Do you feel prosperous? Do you have any limiting beliefs blocking your flow of prosperity? Our Prosperity Kit is ready to support you in this area through 2022. This kit will help to open up your energy flow of prosperity and manifest it more abundantly into your life throughout 2022 and beyond. The Universe is divinely aligned to bring it to us this year. We just need to be in alignment to receive now.

Special February Days:

February 1st (New Moon)

February 4th (Mercury goes direct)

February 16th (Full Moon)

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