Happy New Moon / Chinese New Year February 1, 2022!!

Updated: Feb 2

Wow, what a powerful start to the Chinese New Year, the year of the water Tiger as we begin with a New Moon to kick it off! January 2022 was a slow moving month for all of us. We had Venus in retrograde since December 2021 and Venus governs relationships and love. You may have found that you were reviewing some of the relationships in your life during January and / or letting go of some relationships at this time if they were proving to not be in true alignment with you and your true authentic self at this time. Retrogrades give us time to slow down and review things in our life. Maybe we need to revise something or maybe we need to stop and evaluate if it is truly serving us and supporting us and who we are and the direction we are moving in. We need to ask ourselves is this something to let go of now at this time? Will it block our flow of progress as we go forward or will it support our progress going forward. Is it in our highest good? We must get all areas of our life into balance and Venus means we are working on things in the area of our relationships. So, as we move into February 2022 Venus is no longer in retrograde and this means many new relationships have the potential to unfold, new love included! Just in time for Valentines Day this month. Venus just might spark up a new romance in your life if this is your time. If you have been waiting and you have been doing your internal work to be fully balanced and ready for the relationship that you have been asking for this could be the time now when the Universe is going to bring it to you. Remember the Universe asks us to let go of what no longer is in alignment with our highest good / authentic self first in order to bring into our life what is. We are doing continuous work internally to release and let go of what no longer serves us and that involves a lot of aspects so we can be a matching vibration to what we want and are asking for so we can attract it to us in divine timing.