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Happy Spring Equinox / New Beginnings!

I have been moving through massive levels of change in my life. I am sure you are too. Change has been the major center piece at play globally and on an individual level for years now. Every year we are being moved into the next level, faze, initiation, that we need to go through as a collective and on an individual level that is to help us to move more in the direction of a healed human race and with that comes choice points. Our choices are how we get our results. Learning how to make good choices is so we will be able to begin creating our world with more love, peace, and joy one beautiful soul at a time which means you and I are living a life that truly makes us happy on all levels. We can not create something that doesn't fully exist within ourself first. Here lies the work. Every aspect of our energy body requires healing to release lower vibrations that cause disharmony in our mind, body, and spirit. There is so much to this process which is why healing is a lifelong journey and beyond. Not many get it all done in one lifetime. Some do though! We are always students learning for as long as we are in these bodies. Learning is constant. Healing and learning requires a commitment in order to continue moving closer to our goals and dreams as it teaches us and allows us to make the right choices for us and helping us to remove the blocks that stand in our way from getting there. This is a delicate process. Not only benefiting ourself but benefiting all life because I am you and you are me. We are all one. We are all connected.

Back in 2020 we were all faced with a choice point. How were we going to choose to go forward amongst all the massive change that went on that year. Would we choose to see opportunity amongst challenge. Would we choose to focus on love more? How would we choose to view what was going on in the world? Would we choose to live in fear or would we choose to stay in our heart and trust that God has a plan and simply trust the process as it unfolds with confidence? Words we speak are also infact choices. We are now once again moving through another choice point at this time. Will you choose Love? Will you choose to live in your heart and choose to live in your eternal light that burns from within you, your god-self, your spark of God from within that you are? You are God because God created you in his light. You have the opportunity to walk this earth shining your light and your love and continue to live in your light and create from your light. Or you can choose to stay in the lower construct of negative energies and realities that have consumed our planet for soo long and see what you continue to create from the polar opposite of light (darkness). The choice point is upon us and the words we speak, our actions, our beliefs, our intent, and so much more make up our choices. Our choice to heal or not is something that can hold us back as well. Our planet needs our light. There has never been a more important time to be alive and I feel compelled at this time to speak more on this topic on behalf of the Light to remind you what is most important in our human evolution and for all that is for us to be super duper conscious of our choices at this time. We all have desires and dreams, we all desire to live happy and prosperous. What seeds we plant determines what we will continue to grow. What energy we harness is what we put out into the world/universe. Spring is unfolding now as we know and this is a time now to move forward on our projects, plans, creations, desires. Its time to review those goals and dreams and look at what to let go of and what to keep moving forward on. Remember that as we continue to grow we need to revisit our plans because as we change within so do our desires and visions. So as you revisit what you want to pick up on now take a good look at what is still ringing to your heart. (Not your mind). Your heart is where you hear your soul speak. Listen to your heart and pay close attention to your choices right now because that will determine your future results. We get to make choices. This is our birth right. If it doesn't bring us to what we truly want (happiness) then we learn a lesson from it and we get to try again until we can figure out how to make the choices that are truly best for ourself. What's best for me is also best for you. Remember these words of wisdom as you move forward in these coming days. This is a time of New Beginnings! What will you create with this new slate? Will you live from your heart or will you continue to live from your ego? Will you listen to your heart and create from the whisper of your heart or will you listen to ego and continue to create based on ego? This is a choice point. May the light be stronger than ever within your soul. May you live in your light now and going forward. May it give you the strength to continue to follow your heart and choose what is in your highest and best good for you as you move forward through this choice point time, through this new beginning, and through any adversity that you may come up against that wishes to stop you and kick you off track. Lean into God and let him show you the way and give you strength.

Also, Easter is right around the corner. Easter is a powerful time of rebirth that comes around once a year for us as we shift into spring. Its all divine orchestration. Be in the flow and trust. You have everything you need within you to create what is right for you at this time of rebirth!

Since the end of last year I began shifting and moving through massive levels of change within myself. After more than a decade of doing deep transformational healing work within myself I am experiencing what this next stage of transformation and shift is truly about. I am seeing first hand what happens when we arrive at the point of complete transformation which is the goal. Healing everything on all levels of our being leads to one massive shift/transformation. I have been cocooning all winter and going through so much change from within. Its a level that we reach when we have done all of the work. Of course learning never ends. And the wisdom we gain on this path makes everything easier as we continue forward into the new. We will not know what is going to be revealed on the other end of the transformational process but its promised to be something beautiful. Think of how the caterpillar changes into a butterfly. It is a complete change of state. It is alchemy. It is beautiful and involves growing wings and taking flight. Every choice I have made has lead me to here. I am where I am today because I continued to make the right choices for me. Even if it was a hard choice. Your heart will always guide you in your highest and best good. Trust your heart's mind over ego mind.

In the beginning of last year I had many plans for what I was working to bring forth last year and in the year before, and in the year before, etc... I didn't realize then what I now can see which is that the true timing for these creations is now. There is a time for everything. Being able to feel into what this moment is for and the next moment, ect is a key in all of this that will help you. This year I expect to be bringing many new things forward which I have been striving to do over these past several years. The past several years were essential in my continued learning, yes my lessons. We go through a period of lessons until we are ready to take all of our earned wisdom and put it to work as we begin to build our dream. This is that time for me and I am truly excited. Also, because I am dedicated to learning and growing that has prepared me to be able to assist every client I work with so I can truly show others how to do what I have done. I will be blogging and sharing more on different platforms as my work unfolds more. I have a lot of wisdom to share and assist others with who are looking to create positive change and how to do so in the new and higher vibration of love, joy, and peace that now exists in this world stronger than it ever has from within once's self. The Light now dominates over Darkness in the world. We are now going to be supported by making choices from the heart. If we are letting ego run our decisions we will not be supported by the light and you will find that things are just not moving forward for you if this is the case.

One of my passions has always been to help others to reawaken and bring back to life the spiritual joy within one's self and help others to rediscover their spiritual joy. My work has just begun. I am going no where and the fun has just begun. If you resonate with anything I have written here then I invite you to reach out, stay connected, book an appointment, or check out my many offerings that I now have and more that is to come. I send you so much love and light. Be fearless.

Live in your light!

Jessica Wrobel, Master Healer

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