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November 19th Full Moon Eclipse Energies

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

The Full Moon Eclipse on November 19th will take place at exactly 2:18am EST and continue until 5:47am EST on November 19th. This is a very rare eclipse. We haven't had an eclipse last this long for 580 years! This energy brings deep cleansing & POSITIVE CHANGE for those who are choosing this path!

Full Moons are a catalyst for releasing and letting go of what no longer serves us and every month we get an opportunity to be assisted by Earth's moon and the cosmos as she helps us to clear away and cleanse our soul's energy even more from what we have been stowing away that no longer serves our highest good. What we hold in our vibrational field is what contributes to our entire life experience and what we are creating from within these bodies. So much is buried away in us that we aren't even aware of. We can't release something, heal it, or transform it if something does't trigger it to come up. Being triggered is a very good thing! Notice where you have been getting triggered lately. What keeps re-surfacing in you that doesn't align with your true self and your true hearts desires? Don't shove it back down! Allow it to be what it is. Give yourself a chance to feel it and sit with it without judgment. Don't judge your feelings. Just allow them to emerge. It is simply information and energy and it is what you do with it that makes all of the difference. It's all about the release and letting go. Memories, feelings, triggers, past experiences, disappointments, failures, regret, heartache, guilt. etc... Your soul wants you to let it go. Release it so you are not carrying it around with you anymore and recreating that karmic experience. Your soul can not create a new and higher truth until you let go of all past karmic trauma and toxicity. Keep the lessons and the growth your soul received from it. That was the gift in it. Now release the rest.

This is where choice comes in.

This eclipse gives us a deeper opportunity to choose what path we want to continue onward with. Do you want to continue moving into joy, abundance, freedom, love or do you want to stay in the Karmic pain, suffering, and struggle cycle? What ever you choose will bring you deeper onto that path as we move into 2022 and beyond.

Get clear with your intentions. Write it down and let the cosmos know what you choose for yourself - what you are asking for more of. Be prepared to release and let go as needed of what is needed for you to go forward as you wish. Remember that change requires work on our part and conscious choice.

When an Eclipse comes along and partners with the full moon energies it packs an even more powerful punch in aiding and assisting us in our soul's transformational work. This means what ever you want to clear, cleanse, and release or focus on during this eclipse you will get it done with a big emphasis! These are truly exciting times of change! It's important to trust and have faith. It's also important to be patient because everything moves in divine timing. Earth will continue to Ascend with or without us and what we do or don't do is perfectly okay and goes without judgment because its all about choice and free-will. Know how loved you are. How supported you are. We are being supported in our process without judgment.

This month the universe is preparing us for lift-off. Think of an airplane as its getting ready for take-off. If the aircraft's weight limit has been exceeded, it will keep the craft grounded. Eliminating excess baggage is essential for lift-off. In order to lift-off we MUST release and let go of what no longer serve our highest good, our highest truth, or our purest expression of self. We are light. We are love. We are worthy, we are perfect as we are.

On November 19th this Full Moon Eclipse will be stripping us of lower energies that weigh us down. Think of it as a reboot, a deep cleansing of the soul, and a stripping away of blockages. Be prepared to feel renewed, refreshed, more heightened, less triggered, and more aligned with higher frequencies of love and light. Be prepared for more good things to come. This is huge! Great change is upon us!

We all are experiencing major reality shifts right now. There are many different realities being played out on earth at this time. It is important to choose your reality. Remember you are a creator and what you believe is what you create and bring forward.

You may find that more clarity follows after November 19th. You may feel a deeper sense of love and peace. This is making way for many wonderful blessings to come to you So the question is, will you choose to lift-off and receive the blessings the universe wants to bring to you? What do you now choose. Be in awareness of your opportunities and know that it is always within Divine timing. New doors of Joy awaits you.

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