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Summer Solstice 2022 & Ascension

Happy Summer Solstice June 21st, 2022!

Today is a very powerful day and integration of new energy pouring onto the planet and into humanity. I heard this to be explained as such that this solstice energy we are receiving today is the equivalent to 100 suns. This is energy our souls have never taken on in any lifetimes so just know that there will come more changes within your body and in your life through this summer solstice and beyond. The earth is raising in vibration and so are we the people now more so because once earth begins to stabilize in 5D energies then humans can follow because we can only ascend as far up in our frequencies as Mother Earth goes. We are always going to be of the energies of the planet we are on. Today if you can, be on mother earth, put your feet into the earth and hold gratitude for Divine Mother and all she provides us with. Ask Mother Earth to bring into you the harmony and balance your body needs. Say, "I accept your new energy frequencies into my body now." Then thank her. Notice how your body feels as you receive. Trust you will receive exactly what you are ready to receive at this time and thank her for the gift.

This is a very powerful day like I mentioned and be prepared for any of these to unfold in your life in the coming months as a result:

Physical Body Upgrades

Letting go of more relationships as more false masks are coming up to be revealed to show you who these people really are that are in your life. Letting go of those in your life that do not serve you and being able to see the truth more and more in these people.

More transformation or more acceleration is what is unfolding depending on where you are on your path right now.

Greater abundance and more blessings unfolding in your life will be a big theme if you are at the level in your work and completion of your work to now receive this huge shift. This could mean huge career advancements, love and romance may now finally find you, coming together with more alignment in relationships and so much more.

Depending on where you are on your path of Ascension there could be more awakenings happening or more advancement happening in you and in those around you. This is a time of powerful movement forward and powerful shifts and change. We and Earth are officially on the path of the "new" "new earth" "new energies" new beginnings". The New in all senses of the meaning. Even if you are not feeling like this is the case just know that things don't just shift on a dime and there is still work you have to keep putting in to get where you are going. The energies are a powerful push to move you forward but if you do nothing about what you want in life and where you want to be then don't expect to see it materialize and fall out of thin air. Keep going. You got this. The Universe and God has your back. Keep shifting your spirit into alignment with your true authentic self. Keep healing, keep releasing what no longer serves you. Change happens from within and when you change from within the world will change around you. This is the way and only way to create change and I'm talking more importantly the change your dreams are made of. The change that brings love, joy, and abundance into this world with limitless supply. There is always more than enough to go around. The only limits are the ones that reside within. If you are needing more help with any of this work or needing deeper understanding of what you are experiencing, going through, supposed to do or help with releasing then please reach out to me and I can help.

live in your light,

Jessica Wrobel, Master Healer

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