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These instant light charbon tablets are odorless.

Typically last for 45 minutes.

Smokeless, unscented, and sparkling free.

Easy, convenient, and clean.

Each pack contains 10 charcoal tablets.


Made from natural tree wood

These charcoal are made from natural tree wood which allows charcoal to burn to a higher temperature and give off a very little smoke.


Several uses

Used most commonly with burning incense and resins in spiritual and religious ceremonies; rituals, prayers and meditations or just a mental break in a hectic workday for setting a relaxing positive mood.


How to use

Place one tablet in a heat resistant dish that is designed to safely contain the high heat of a burning charcoal. (Examples: ceramic or tempered glass dish filled with dirt or salt will work if you do not have a store bought charcoal incense burner)


Use a lighter and touch the flame to the charcoal holding it there until the charcoal begins to spark and ignite. remove the flame and allow 3 to 5 minutes for the charcoal to fully heat up. You will notice it having a layer of white over the coal when it is ready to use. Once ready place the contents of what you wish to burn onto the charcoal and enjoy.



Charcoal gets extremely hot. Do not leave unattended or within reach of small children. Keep on a stable surface away from flammable items.

Charcoal Tablets for Incense



  • 1 Pack contains 10 tablets.

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