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These specialized candles have been professionally designed, hand-poured, and hand-crafted with love and pure intent. The herbs, oils, soy wax, and black tourmaline have been combined with many layers of prayer and energy work to build for you this easy-to-use powerful cleanse and protect candle that when used properly will build a powerful wall of protection around your entire home and everyone in it. Also, what this candle will cleanse out will not be able to get back in due to the way the crafting process has been done.


(1) candle will cover two weeks of protection. 


You will need (2) candles to get you 4 weeks of ongoing protection.

The longer these candles are used on a consistent basis the stronger the protection builds.


A step-by-step instructions guide on how to use these candles will be included in your purchase. 


If you stop burning your protection candles regularly the protection will soon dissipate. You must keep burning regularly to keep this powerful protection working for you. Much like stoking a fire, if you stop stoking a fire it will dwindle and go out.


Be sure to check out our complete line of Cleanse and Protect products for more complete support. I reccomend getting started with our Cleanse and Protect Wellness kit first.


We strive to locate and select the highest quality ingredients from herbs, resins, spices, fruits, essential oils and woods that we can find for purity and potency. We keep the plant medicine intact through our crafting process to maintain the medicinal quality that supports us on so many levels for best results. We never use anything but pure ingredients. Our candles have a very light scent from the natural oils that do not overwhelm or cause reactions for the most sensitive people. Our candles are easy to embrase no matter how sensitive you are to scent or sensitivity. All of our hand-crafted products are made with love.

Cleanse & Protect Healing Candles (Hand-Crafted)



  • 1 votive includes: A blend of herbs, oils, and black tourmaline. 

    Infused with Love & Light, energy and prayer work.

    Soy wax - all natural, no additives, no parabens, cleaner burning, longer lasting, US grown pure soy wax.

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