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Our carefully hand-crafted and professionally formulated Cleanse and Protect Wellness Kit is designed to help you with powerful energy cleansing and protection support at a much higher level. This kit is the powerhouse combo with special formulations in every tool, but all together offers a much more complete and stronger level of energy protection and cleansing where this is needed. 


Our Hand-crafted Cleanse and Protect tools have been proven to provide powerful energy cleansing and protection support. They will clear away what is not uplifting your energy, what has attached to you that is negatively holding you down, and create protective barriers so this stuff can not get back in once cleared out when used properly and all together. The tools act as a powerful transmutation agent to cleanse you clean while creating a protective barrier to keep you safe from energetic threats when and where you need it.


These tools are all designed to help you to feel safe and purified. They will powerfully clear bad vibrations, uplift your energy, and clear away and transmute negative energies that are keeping you down.


Cleanse and Protect Incense: DHOOP Incense (meaning no bamboo stick in the center). 20 sticks that will cleanse and protect you and any space they are burned within. Our incense is infused with high vibrations of white light and prayer.

Cleanse and Protect Spray: The spray is infuse with cleansing and protective essential oils, clear quartz, high vibrations of white light, and prayer. This spray will protect you & cleanse you clean with every spritz.

Cleanse and Protect Candles: 2 votive candles included. Two candles will provide (1) month of protection and will need to be replenished to keep the energy protection going. Special Instructions are included in this kit on how to effectively use these candles. These candles are infused with herbs, essential oils, black tourmaline, high vibrations of white light, and prayer.

Selenite: One 4 inch wand included.  Selenite clears away negative energy and anchors in more light.

(1) Laminated Cleansing Mantra: Each box includes a powerful cleansing mantra.

(1) Laminated Protection Mantra: Each box includes a powerful protection mantra.


We strive to locate and select the highest quality ingredients from herbs, resins, spices, fruits, essentail oils and woods that we can find for purity and potency. We keep the plant medicine intact through our crafting process to maintain the medicinal quality that supports us on so many levels for best results.


Our hand-crafted medicinal quality incense have the potential to help support and assist with a wide range of things such as emotional trauma, healing the mind, bringing clarity to our lives, sleep challenges, physical ailments like respiratory complaints and of course the most widely used tool for spirituality.


This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. For educational purposes only.

Cleanse & Protect Healing Kit

  • Cleanse & Protect Kit contains -

    (1) Box of Cleanse & Protect Incense (20 sticks)

    (2) Cleanse & Protect Candle Votives

    (1) 4oz Cleanse & Protect Spray

    (1) 4 inch Selenite Wand

    (1) Laminated Cleansing Mantra

    (1) Laminated Protection Mantra

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