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Our Palo Santo is wild harvested and sourced from northern Peru. These sticks are exceptionally potent.


The sacredness of the renowned Palo Santo Tree is widely known. The name Palo Santo actually means "Holy Stick".


The spirit of Palo Santo is believed by indigenous peoples to be a strong and benevolent being who blesses all who honor it and ask for guidance and healing. For ages, medicine people and traditional healers have made allies with this tree. They call upon it to keep them protected and safe during their healing and spiritual "journeying".


Many shamanic cultures have a close relationship with Palo Santo. Ceremonially, it's used as a smudging incense, similar to that of White Sage in Native American cultures. During rituals, its smoke is used to cleanse and purify ceremonial spaces of negative energy or malevolent spirits or entities. It's also traditionally used to accompany and strengthen prayer, enhance meditation, and attract Good Fortune.


When Palo Santo smoke or essential oil is inhaled, it uplifts the spirit, brings positivity to the mind, and promotes positive emotions. It's known as one of the sacred plants of the world that has a profound effect on anyone who comes into contact with it.

Palo Santo - PERU

  • 100 gram of premium Palo Santo. Hand cut and hand selected sticks.

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