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Pink Amethyst

12.80 oz


Pink amethyst is a soft-colored, feminine version of the more traditional dark purple amethyst. Although softer in color, the pink amethyst meaning is powerful. It has a cleansing energy and is known to instill feelings of understanding, compassion, calmness, trust and grace. It is known to have healing properties and protect against negative energy by opening the heart chackra and the heart to love and tolerance.


Pink Amethyst is associated with balance and harmony, both in relationships and within oneself.


The stone connects the heart and crown chakra to encourage your life to be spiritual. It enables you to express yourself and be open to others. Pink Amethyst is a stone of passion and can assist you in releasing negative emotions.


Chakras: Heart, Crown


Pink Amethyst 1/2 Polished-4



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