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Chakras:  Root, Sacral, Solar / All


Septarian is formed from Aragonite, Calcite, Limestone, and somtimes Barite. It naturally takes on all of these healing properties.


Grounding, centering, and a strong conduit of Earth energy. Reduces stress, anxiety, and anger. Brings about feelings of understanding of the world around you and yourself. They often make the user feel "lighter" and happier. Helps to clear your energy field and helps to clear resentment and animosity. Very nurturing and supportive of change. Great for emotional healing. Will help you to feel more connected to Mother Earth. A nurturing stone that will make you feel loved, protected, and understood. A stone of wisdom. May heighten intuition help to speak more clearly. An excellent stone to use in meditation.


When meditating hold the stone in one hand and place both of your hands together so the septarian is held by both your right and left hand cupped together around it. 


You can sleep with Septarian under your pillow to help bring on dreams of past lives and/or symbolism that can be used to understand past or current life situations and lessons.


Carry it in your pocket near your root chakra to work on your lower chakras and to ground your energy.


Each crystal is intuitively selective for each order to match up their energies perfectly for the person receiving  them.

Septarian Heart

  • Natural polished Septarian Hearts. Each stone may vary in shape size, and color. There are no two stones alike.

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