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Tourmaline, Black


"The Grounding Stone"

Chakra: Root, Sacral


A workhorse for grounding energy in the body. Clears electromagnetic energy (EMF) especially from electronics. Place this stone next to your computer to help absorb EMF so your body doesn't. 


Black Tourmaline shields, protects, and cleanses your energy from negative energies. Cleanses and draws out darkness, impurities, concern, and fear from the auric field. Carry it in your pocket, place it under your pillow, place it around the home, etc... to bring this stone into your energy and your space for protection and purification.


Key Words: Purification and Protection


All tumbled stones are different shape and slightly different sizes. I will intuitively select the piece that is right for your energy.

Tourmaline, Black

  • Tumbled and polished. Approximately 1 inch pieces. No piece is exactly the same. Shapes and size vary.

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