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Crystal Singing Bowls Sound Healing

To include Tuning Forks simply select the 1 hour length session at checkout.

  • From 75 US dollars
  • Portsmouth

Service Description

Here you can book your private sound healing session with Jessica. These Classic bowls are made from pure crushed quartz. Quartz crystal is a combination of Silica sand and water, which magnify, transmute, store and transfer energy. The bowls carry a vibration of white light energy that, when harmoniously played, is said to open our energy centers (chakras) and release stuck energy and old beliefs on a cellular level. The deep sounds of the classic bowls carry a grounding connection to the earth’s energy, which promotes stability and calm. Settle in with Jessica’s angelic crystal singing bowls. Rest into a deep state of relaxation to integrate and balance your energy. Feel the waves of tonal tranquility wash over you, melting your barriers to peace, allowing your Light of purity to shine forth; soothing, calming, healing, and reconnecting you to wholeness. Crystal Singing Bowl Therapy helps to open, clear and balance the entire chakra system and re-energizes the auric field, making healing possible on all levels. Within minutes you will slip into a blissful state of receptivity and relaxation. A crystal frequency sound healing session is probably like nothing you’ve ever tried before. It’s truly musical medicine that activates and awakens the Spirit! BENEFITS OF CRYSTAL SINGING BOWLS: (The effects of crystal singing bowls are immediate) Stress Reduction and Relaxation Relief from Depression and Anxiety Reduction of Pain Enhanced Energy Levels Better Sleep Chakra Healing Spiritual Healing Instantaneous Relaxation Energetic Balance Establish a Healthy Environment Before your session begins, Jessica will discuss with you your current challenges to better understand your unique needs for each individual session. Then, she will help you to select a guided meditation that most aligns with your current energy and she will begin your session with a guided meditation to take you through a visualization exercise and into a meditative state for deeper healing. To just work with the crystal singing bowls in your session, select the 45 minute sound healing option at checkout. To work with the crystal singing bowls and tuning forks in your session, select the 60 minute sound healing option at checkout. Note: Please consult with your doctor before booking a session if you have a pacemaker or any metal plates in your body to ensure you will have a safe experience. The sound frequencies can vibrate these components and can potentially interfere with them.

Cancellation Policy

Policies - Cancellations - Rescheduling - Missed Appointments Policy: All sessions are confidential. Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Pets must be accompanied by primary caregiver/responsible party. Respectful and honorable behavior is required at all times; infractions will result in immediate termination of session and is not eligible for refund. Purchases are non-refundable. All sales are final. We require a 24 hour notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Any appointments that cancel, change or are missed with less than a 24 hour notice will will not be refunded and full payment will be applied to missed appointment. Thank you for your understanding! We understand emergencies happen. Please remember, communication is the best policy! Sincerely, Your Earthlight For Wellness Team

Contact Details

  • 603-617-5040

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